Decision on land development conditions


The decision is a spatial planning instrument. Its aim is to find out whether a given investment project violates spatial order.

The investor should apply for issuance of the decision on land development conditions in the case when there is no applicable local spatial development plan.

The legal basis for issuing the decision is the Act of 27 March 2003 on spatial planning and development (Journal of Laws of 2003 No 80, item 717, as amended).

The Act (Article 4[2]) distinguished two types of decision on land development conditions:

  • decision on location of public-purpose investments (so-called ULICP decision) – for public-purpose investments,
  • decision on land development conditions (so-called WZ decision, colloquially wuzetka) – for investments other than public-purpose investments.


Investors should file applications for issuance of the decision in the General Office of Będzin City Hall at ul. 11 Listopada 20.

The unit of Będzin City Hall responsible for issuance of the decision is the Department of City Development (Room 224, tel. +48 32 267-92-03, ).

In their application, the investor must specify, among other things, the type of investment (function, branch of business), existing land management (development, greenery, utilities, access to a public road), planned dimensions of the civil structure (width of the front elevation, height of the upper front elevation edge, its cornice or attic, roof geometry [angle of inclination, height of the ridge line and roof plane design, length, width, height]), planned land management (location within the plot borders), planned utility connections within the scope of technical infrastructure, method of transport service, expected number of parking spaces, and definition of access to a public road.

Appendices to the decision on land development conditions include:

  1. Extract from a master map in scale 1:500 or 1:1000 with marking of the borders of the area covered by the application, numbers and borders of the plots, as well as borders of the area covered by the development analysis on adjacent plots (area covering three-fold width of the front of the plot covered by the application, but not smaller than 50 m) (3 copies) + 1 original copy (without any marking).

    NOTE: Master and cadastral maps are issued by the Poviat Starosty in Będzin at ul. Krasickiego 17 in Będzin, Office of the Poviat Land Surveyor, Land Register Section, Room 219, tel.: +48 32 368-07-68.

  2. Extract from a cadastral map.
  3. Power of attorney, if established, for a person or persons authorised to represent a company, together with a stamp duty – PLN 17 (pursuant to the Act of 16 November 2006 on stamp duty [Journal of Laws No 225, item 1635, as amended]).
  4. Photocopy of the extract from the commercial register or business activity register pertaining to the rules of representing the company (only for public-purpose investments).
  5. Opinion whether the planned investment requires a decision on environmental conditions or issuance of the decision is unfounded.

The opinion is issued by Będzin City Hall, Department of Environment Development, Room 124, +48 32 267-92-01, e-mail:

Preliminary information obtained from competent Institutions:

  • on the supply of water and electricity.
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  1. PLN 107 – for issuance of the decision
  2. PLN 56 – for transfer of the decision to another party

Any decisions on land development and management for residential investments shall be exempted from the stamp duty.

The payment should be made:

  1. in cash at the cashier’s desk of Będzin City Hall or
  2. via wire transfer to the following bank account: 56 1050 1142 1000 0023 1332 6106 ING Bank Śląski S.A. Oddział Będzin.

A proof (copy) of payment of stamp duty must be appended to the application.

The application form may be downloaded from the following website:

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